What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the generic term used to describe different ways technology can be used to combine various elements and create a work of art. There are many different representations of graphic design that you see every day throughout the media, advertisements, and works of art. It takes very specialized training in order to use the tools necessary to create graphic designs.

Graphic design is found widely in the mass media markets. It is used to create magazine and television advertisements as well as the pictures found on book covers and compact discs, and even posters and trailers used to advertise films.

The art of graphic design is in identifying different elements such as pictures, colors, textures, symbols and words, and combining them into an original work of art that not only is interesting to look at but also conveys the desired message. As these pieces of art are often used in advertising, the message that they emphasize is often just as important as the visual content of the project.

The term graphic design is used to describe the artwork itself, but also the process through which it is communicated to its intended audience. Since graphic design is a visually artistic medium and method of communication, the design process of the piece is often just as important as the way in which it is communicated to the public.

Normally there is a different graphic design specialist who is employed for different types of work, depending solely on the type of communication that the art will be used for. There are graphic artists that specialize in page layouts. Page layouts include anything that is printed, such as print advertisements, book covers, and compact disc cover layouts.

Other graphic artists specialize in video designs involving moving advertisements such as television and film trailers and advertisements. These artists often use computer-based animation techniques to enhance their work and add a dimension to the design that is not seen in regular graphic design which only works on paper.

To become a graphic designer, specialized training is required to prepare you for a career in this field. There are many traditional colleges as well as technical schools and online universities that offer intensive programs in graphic design. These programs of study can range in time length anywhere from a few months long to a traditional four-year program, depending upon what kind of degree or certification you are seeking and what particular kind of graphic design job you are seeking.

Online research tools can help prospective graphic designers explore their career options and decide which career path and specialty work best with their life goals.

Graphic design is very much in demand as technology improves for different types of advertising and print media. These designers use existing pictures, symbols, colors, and other images to form works of art that we see every day in print and video advertisements all over the mass media.