Yard Signs: What You Need To Look For

Yard signs are everywhere. Really, you’re not likely to go too long without seeing one of these signs somewhere advertising something, asking for a vote, or marketing a small Mom & Pop shop’s wares. For all the talk about social media and online marketing, when you’re really trying to get a message out locally it turns out that yard signs are still one of the most effective ways to do so – especially with a little creativity and consistency.

Why Yard Signs?

Yard signs can be seen by people walking by, driving by, they are out there advertising all times of the day and night. Add in the fact that they can be placed so people see them throughout the day and night and it begins to add authority to your message because when a person sees your sign over and over again they just naturally begin to associate authority or trust with that message or name.

Political Yard Signs

If you’re running for local office you’d better have yard signs out! While everyone thinks about national elections when it comes to political signs, there are many positions that aren’t party based or people don’t even think about until the election day. Especially on the city level.

Get your name out there, get a pithy slogan and get your message out so you can get elected and make a difference locally. Science has shown that people tend to like what they are most familiar with so if someone voting for a position looks down and recognizes your name “from somewhere,” then chances are you are getting that vote.

Personalized Yard Signs

One of the truly great things about a custom yard sign is just how personalized you can make things. Advertise your Etsy shop, your online business, your side hustle, or just tell people to have a nice day because the world can always use a little bit more positivity – whatever your message and whatever the reason, you can can whatever you want on the sign and spread that message around for everyone to see…all at a minimal cost.

Sign Best Practices

Think readability and call to action. You want someone to do something. Whether it is vote, shop, smile or something else completely, the big thing here is to make sure to focus on there being a clear call-out, and having it be readable. a long message in small type isn’t going to grab the eye, it isn’t going to grab attention, and at the end of the day it isn’t going to get the job done.

What Will It Cost?

Yard sign costs are going to vary mostly based on location, order number, and vendor. If you are looking for a fancy design, a particularly large or unusual sign shape, then that could also affect the overall pricing. However many people end up surprised at just how affordable even relatively large orders can be.

In Conclusion

Yard signs have plenty of uses and they can be a great way to get your message out there. Take a look at local and online options and find the one that works best for you!